Media Officer

What is happening at your club?

Help tell the stories of the Melbourne Winter Baseball League, by contacting us with any idea that comes to mind.
Newly appointed Media Officer Sally Heppleston, is willing to work closely with you to ensure the story is told.
Through the Leader Newspaper network, this is a wonderful opportunity to promote your game, your league, your club, your players and your community.

We are calling upon Seniors, Juniors, Coaches, Umpires, Administrators, Supporters, anyone who loves the great sport of Winter Baseball, to help spread the word of our league.

Someone playing a milestone game? We want to know about it!
Someone made a representative team? We want to know about it!
A team travelling for a competition? We want to know about it!
Do you have a new star player? A new Coach? Or club President? Exactly.

The Leader Newspaper is keen to take story submissions from the MWBL each and every week.

No idea for a story is too farfetched. If it’s baseball and it’s news, at the very least it can be displayed to the baseball community through the league website.

Finally, don’t leave it too late. Get your ideas in early.  Informing us of a milestone story opportunity on the day of the game, will not leave us enough time to ensure the Newspaper has the space to run the story.

For news articles, leader articles.

Sally Heppleston
Phone: 0408 556 018

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