The FC11Valhalla Athlete Scholarship Program

The opportunity now exists for boys and girls aged between 15-20 to become involved in a Government funded, VCE accredited baseball program facilitated by Valhalla Sports

The FC11 Valhalla Athlete Scholarship Program is now taking applicants

The FC11 Scholarships are presently offered exclusively for Soccer but the sporting body and government departments see the inclusion of a Baseball Program as being a significant step forward for our Sport. The Scholarships are outlined in the attached flyer and can be summarized as follows:

  • The Course runs for 30 weeks with one three hour session weekly.
  • The Course will commence the first week in June.
  • Each session will feature 90 minutes of theory and 90 minutes of practical work.
  • The total cost of the Course is a once only Registration Fee of $99. There are no other fees.
  • Completion of the Course and associated Accreditations will contribute as a Block Accreditation Ranking upon the successful completion of the Student’s VCE studies.

Please read on for more detailed information – or DOWNLOAD the detailed brochure


The program is open to boys and girls aged between 15-20. It runs for 30 weeks with 1 session each week which consists of 90 minutes practical training and 90 minutes theory taught by VCE teachers.

At the completion of the program each athlete / student gains a VCE credit.

The program is open to everyone to apply regardless of experience of ability. Please call John Edwards on 0403 011 555 or email for more information or to apply for round 1.

Australia is immersed in the culture of sport. It spends millions of dollars in sports related businesses every year. Opportunities to obtain employment and establish a career in these sports related industries are more available now than ever before.

The FC 11 Athlete Scholarship provides an opportunity to participate in a truly unique sports industry and performance based curriculum whilst supporting the athlete to also complete a variety of accredited qualifications recommended as part of our sport pathway.

The “Athlete Scholarship” will consist of a series of lectures, seminars and practical training sessions, throughout the course. Classes will be scheduled on a weekly basis and will be based at Valhalla High

Performance Facility in Ringwood. It will run over a 30 week period and although it is fully funded there is an enrolment fee of $95.00 to take care of administration costs.

Each session will consist of a ninety minute theory class and a ninety minute session of high performance training of the highest calibre.
Each athlete will be able to access and experience; elite level training regimes, internationally recognised coaches, industry experts, and nationally recognised qualifications in sport and recreation. FC 11 has brought together leading collaborators to “make a difference” to your sport, your education, your career and employment opportunities.
The focus of the scholarship will encompass essential knowledge and skills related to: establishing a career in the sport industry, improving athlete performance capabilities, furthering your education and developing personal and professional skills.

This course of study has been designed for entry level and aspiring elite athletes and students, 15 years of age and above, to develop skills as a programs instructor, recreation officer, coach, referee, manager and/or athlete within a community based recreation and sporting club setting.

The FC 11 Athlete Scholarship has been expertly designed to prepare the aspiring athlete not only to perform in a professional environment, but also for a professional career in:

Professional Teams & Sports Management
Teaching, Coaching, Education, Strength & Conditioning, Exercise Science
Sports Medicine & Performance Psychology
Marketing, Technology and Journalism
Commercial Business, Design & Programming


Access to elite high performance facilities
Fitness assessments & player profiling throughout the course
High Performance Training in Strength, Speed & Conditioning
Specific sessions on improving knowledge in: Nutrition, Athlete Recovery, Sports Psychology & Technical Performance Fundamentals
Access to Expert Coaches
Access to High Profile Athletes and Players
Access to Industry Leaders
Sports Specific Applied Experience
Sport Specific lectures in: Elite Athlete Performance, Sports Programming, Skill Acquisition, Athlete Performance analysis
Opportunities to gain Sport Specific Coaching Qualifications
Career & Personal Development Advise

Participants will be assessed, instructed, monitored and advised on a regular basis and provided with an individual training program.
The FC 11 Athlete Scholarship will deliver a high performance based and intense athletes based syllabus designed to realise further opportunities through the development of skills related to the technical, tactical, psychological and physical aspects of sport.

In turn, the FC 11 Athlete Scholarship will assist in the opportunity for valid education and training, supporting the athlete to also complete a variety of accredited qualifications recommended as part of our athlete pathway.

Completion of the FC 11 Athlete Scholarship and associated national accreditations will contribute as a Block Accreditation ranking upon successfully completing your VCE Studies.

FC 11 in conjunction with Berry Street RTO (2
1369) and Smart Connection Training RTO (3910) will be delivering the associated national accreditations.